Zoe Loannou


The Cavern Club

7:30 PM

Zoe Ioannou is a kiwi-born and bred, Greek and Cypriot musician. Zoe graduated in 2023 from New Zealand School of Music, Te Koki, Victoria University of Wellington where she gained an Honours degree in Music Studies, with an emphasis on jazz and saxophone studies, and regularly gigs in various projects and DJs in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara. Since graduating, she has been on a new journey and is now studying her Master of Music Therapy. In recent years, composing for Zoe has become an intentional practice; one of solitude and commitment to writing music that expresses herself best.

For this WJC gig, she will be joined by her friends and fellow musicians Grace Slaughter (vocals), Elina Chester (piano), Peter Hamilton (upright bass), and Eric Sebastian (drum kit) where with them she will present a collection of music that is inspired by the places, people and things she has done, met and seen along the way in recent times. She welcomes you into her world; will you accept the invitation?

Venue Details

The Cavern Club 22 Allen Street, Te Aro