James Guilford Quartet



7:30 PM

Wellington Jazz Cooperative presents James Guilford Quartet featuring James Guilford (Trumpet), Louisa Williamson (Saxophone), Seth Boy (Bass) and Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (Drums).

“This project is about celebrating and exploring musical friendships. All of the players I know very well and love very much. Seth, who I’ve been playing Jazz with since our high school combo days, a truly good human being and my favourite chess opponent. Hikurangi, the drummer for my trio that’s been going strong for almost 4 years, and one of my favourite people to talk to about music and art, I’ve loved getting to know his playing over the years. And my horn section soulmate Louisa, I feel very lucky to know her and to have played with her as much as I have, we went through music school together and I cherish every time we get to speak to each other with our instruments. The four of us have played with each other in many different ensembles, but never in this particular format. We’ll be playing a mixture of my compositions and arrangements, with a lot of space to improvise together freely as well. I’m looking forward to it very much.” – James

Venue Details

Lovebite 2 Forresters Lane